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Frank, is there any line you won’t cross in your anger against cyclists?

you are confusing FXR with me. Unless FXR is also a Frank.

FXR: your ire might be better directed towards taxi drivers who endanger other peoples lives rather than just their own.

Cyclists are endangering other peoples lives as well as their own. Taxi’s are subject to far more regulation (though not enough) than cyclists. A three year old on a pedestrian street is at risk of serious injury from cyclists who seem to think they can go anywhere the feel like. Blind people on footpaths shouldn’t have to have the additional hazard of cyclists to deal with either. Pedestrian bridges are for pedestrians. A motorist travelling legally on a one way street who has the mis-fortune of some idiot going the wrong way end up splashing their brains across the windscreen won’t be unaffected by it. Cyclists in Dublin overwhelmingly obey no laws, no rules or regulations and have no regard for anyone else. That’s what happens when the people supposedly running the city don’t do their job.

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