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Frank, take a bit of responsibly for your own posts. You’re linking “cyclists taking the most stupid risks on Westmoreland street on any day of the week” to the death of one cyclist when you don’t know what or who was to blame.

The other poster seems to be mainly criticising the lack of detail reported, but yes, I suppose he’s wrong too. Also, as you said “a list of possibilities” — not just pointing to one which you were doing.

Unlike your nonsense about bicycle clutter, on cyclists not using lights and many of them foolishly thinking high-vis is as good — I 100% agree with you. Gardai should regularly clamp down on cyclists without lights and direct them to walk home and anybody caught not walking should have their bikes taken off them until they turn up at a station with lights. I also think it should be mandatory to have to sell lights with bicycles.

BTW I also generally agree with you about cyclists on footpaths — it’s very annoying and even more so when I have my baby with me. But you tend to go overboard.

But linking other cyclists’ actions to the death of one is wrong. A bit of respect and perspective and a bit less blind anger would go a long way.

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