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Well you have both conveniently skipped over my points re tax.

Motor vehicle users contribute only a fraction of what it costs to build and maintain roads, provide Garda, fire and health services at accidents and general policing of traffic. Why should general taxation have to pay for this? Well because we all use the road network in some fashion.

Pedestrians similarly don’t pay a cent to use footpaths, crossings etc.

So why do you deem cyclists as different?

As for contributing to the economy cyclists actually do: every person that cycles to work reduces congestion, reduces wear and tear on road, and keeps fitter so is less of a burden on the health service.

If all the city’s cyclists were to drive the city would be gridlocked. The more we encourage cycling in this city the more the city has to gain.

As for every single cyclist breaking the law: a similar accusation can be leveled at car drivers (breaking lights, speeding, driving in cycle lanes etc) and pedestrians (jaywalking).

All in all traffic policing in Dublin is a shambles.

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