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@Service charge wrote:

All wrong wearnicehats.

There is no travelling south on SSG east, unless you are a bus. No other traffic is allowed use the southward lane, no room for bicycles as the lane is so narrow.

The quickest legal route is still around the green, up dawson st, across to molesworth st, down kildare street, back on to the green, down merrion row, on to baggot st, past itzwilliam sq, across leeson st, along hatch st to arrive.

So my original point sticks, and you just proved how ignorant most people are of the city streets and the treatment of cyclists.

ahhhh yes – the old contrafloe bus lane exclusion. Good job I don’t cycle otherwise I’d be in it along with all the other cyclists and, indeed, the 2wheeler Garda I saw from the bus yesterday

why don’t you just walk with your bicycle up to Earlsfort terrace? or dismount and cross at the pedestrian crossing at the NE corner of the green onto Merrion Row? Laziness?

Why do you think you deserve to get somewhere easier or quicker than someone in a car and, because you don’t like it, feel like you the normal laws don’t apply?

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