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Just noticed this thread. I spent 3 years away from Dublin and am impressed by parts of the city. If you walk from Harcourt Luas stop towards the city you get a great view of Lesson street as it makes a slight right sweep. When there are no cars around you can just imagine been back in the 1800s with the tram tracks and old buildings. St Stephens green is still a great place and Grafton street is the ok even if it is just a commerical district. The traffic ruins the college green area around Trinity as people watch for cars rather than look around at what could be a really beautiful junction.
O’Connell street is magnificient with the new Spire and walking South it is a great foreground for the imposing four courts. Take the cars away and bring back the old buses and you are back in the 60’s. I think O’Connell street now may contend to have one of the best main streets in Europe but this could only happen when it becomes less commercialised. I also was confused as to why there was no dedicated bike lane on it. Cycled down it the other day but couldn’t quite enjoy the experience as didn’t want the number 10 behind me to hit me.
Unfortunately the North side of Dublin has not improved much despite its close proximity to the city centre. Its has become more multicultural but i would love to see the old-red brick buildings been restored. I think it will happen but may take 10 years.

As a whole it is a joy to walk thru the city to work but if the traffic can be somewhat contained it would be much more a pleasant experience.

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