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I mean on a broader level really – that if the city had stayed pretty much as it was from 1955 onwards, filled with ‘lovely old buildings’, many of them nothing spectacular but would probably be protected anyway today – that there’d be a frustration at the lack of modern architecture represented on our streetscapes. That at least the ‘weeding out’ of some of the older stock, including an estimated 40% of the Georgian environment, enabled areas to redevelop, to become ‘dynamic’ and ‘prime locations’ etc.
I’m thinking not so much of the iconic demolitions like Fitzwilliam St etc, but more along the lines of Baggot St, Burlington Road, St. Stephen’s Green, indeed so much of the southside including beyond the canal etc.

I suppose it’s the estate-agent’s speak if nothing else that’s generating this impression – just gets annoying at times, like nothing ever happened…..then again you go through some areas and think how great they now look..

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