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Pffft – I take you happy clappy Wogan’s Interiors and raise you the glorious St. Peter’s:

Moody I tell ya – moody šŸ™‚

Nice pics there – the St. Laurence Gate is a great feature in the town. Surprised it wasn’t knocked in 1963 as a ‘hinderance to the flow of traffic and the wider economic expansionary needs of the conurbation’ :rolleyes:

Drogheda is really looking up of late – got a great mix of (really) ancient heritage, contemporary developments, and everything in between, as the above pictures demonstrate. Quite a few remnants of 1950s Ireland about – even 1970s Ireland which are becoming increasingly (and for the most part thankfully) rare.
Just a pity about the dross that’s enveloping every field in a mile radius of the town.

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