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I find it very odd that when the great and good of Cork were calculating the commercial profits deriving from “culture”, at Cobh, a mere ten miles down river from the city, a serious and concerted effort to vandalise one of the most important cultural monuments in the State was well underway -indeed with the wholehearted support of some of the Corkonian good and great – and the whole affair did not as much as generate half of an inch of comment on the “cultural” columns of the quondam Cork Examiner. Indeed, I am not at all certain that the merchantile approach to “culture” displays anything of a cultured mind – certainly it would not be representative of a maecenas like Nicholas V or Sixtus IV or Julius II or Leo X or Lorenzo dei’ Medici or even Guidobaldo da Montefeltro. Somehow, I do not see the name of J. Gavin joining that elite pantheon. Are we seriously expected to believe that Cork’s committment to “culture” is not more than merely mercenary?

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