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From the research I have conducted so far there seems to be a number of stumbling blocks that have the potential of making any initiatives almost impossible to implement. Firstly, the owners of derelict properties are proving very hard to locate. Owners die and dwellings are inherited but tracking down these people is hard work. With the state of the land registry in Ireland, this could take months. Secondly, even with the attraction of incentives, owners are reluctant to re-use or even sell. This due to the planning red tape and the perceived costs of restoration.

In terms of incentives, the Rural Renewal Scheme is currently in operation in the BMW region and gives tax relief to owner occupied and rented dwellings. However, the aim of the scheme is to renew rural areas through re-population etc and the restoration of derelict dwellings is just a part of this. Other incentives have been applied in the UK to an urban context through the Empty Property Scheme, which with some modification, could be used in rural areas also. I think the grants which you refer to are mainly for Georgian Housing and Protected Structures, it is doubtful that any rural derelict houses would qualify under these schemes??

In my opinion a reworking of Part V is the most sensible and practical option. Housing strategies are predominantly focused on urban areas and completely overlook the rural issue – affordable, social and derelict housing.

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