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@corcaighboy wrote:

Hi there, I had some shots of some of Cork’s more interesting cut stone buildings and was not too sure where to post them given there is no specific thread on cut stone buildings. So I started this thread. First one up is the AIB bank on Cork’s South Mall. The old Munster & Leinster Bank is one beautiful building and is as nice inside as outside.

Hi Corcaighboy!

As you have started a thread on cut stone buildings in Cork, it migth be useful to indicate an endless source of lore on their construction]Stone Mad[/I] first published in 1966 when the stone cutting business was on its last legs. The book has been recently reprinted and is published by Routledge and Kegan Paul; London. The ISBN is 0 7100 1872 X. I give you a few specimen pages below in compensation for the disruption of your quiet coffee yesterday morning:

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