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@lawyer wrote:

You may be able to move altars but you cannot move rivers

The ‘Glanmire backwash’ is on the north side of Cork Harbour. Drakes Pool is on the south side

Your continuing comments against the Cobh UDC resemble Michael O’Leary’s rants against the Government, Dublin Airport Authority, Aer Lingus and anyone else who does not see things his way.

Ah so! You are commenting for Cobh Urban District Council? ‘Tis nice to know they have one friend in the whole wide world.

Things are so bad in Cobh Urban District Council that they cannot put three boxes containing 214 objections, made by c.750 persons, to a proposed development in the way of the temporary planning officer brought in to read them.
Needless to say, the money charged to the public for lodging such objections was never heard of again. If you want to defend that sort of ineptitude and plain bolchevism, just be my guest. Is it too much for the ordinary public -the man in the street- to expect public servants, whom he is paying, to do their duty?

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