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Praxiteles wrote:

On the basis of that fact, I think we can then say that the watertower is only RELATIVELY important for navigation in the harbour of Cork; and, hence, is not VITAL to navigating even a rowing boat. Given this, and the other fact that any prominent landmark will do for navigation in fair weather, then there is no excuse left for retaining that ugly lump of a watertower and no reason not to tear it down and put somewhere else out of sight. Did you see Corcaighboy’s loverly picture with the scaffolded spire? Why not use that, or even the palace? No that we see that there is no REASON for that ugly blot on the landscape, we will have to do something to wake the Cobh Urban District Council out of their slumberous laziness and get them to send someone up there to demolish it. This being an election year……..

VITAL – I would think not, at least not to commercial traffic…. it assists pilotage and is a cross check as such but all vessels now over 500 tonnes have AIS (akin to aircraft transponders) ot Port Ops can at all times see the location, heading, speed of a vessel…and can call up an erring vessel. Still up to poor lad in command of vessel but jut another nav aid.
As I’ve said most skippers/pilots still like the old visual and lets say spires, towers and suchlike are perfect as one can quickly use to see if you are drifting off course due to wind and tide. so buildings are usuful but a good old tower better. You have leading marks/lights on the south side of Fort Davis which provide lead marks into the harbour…so towers etc. in the inner harbour are the next best thing so to speak.
The Spit Lighthouse…. looking out at it now… beautiful structure, thankfully under the POCs maintenace.
It is used all the time but using it in line with something ashore to give you a transit line… if you just aim for the lighthouse…you’ll go aground as it just marks the edge of the spit Bank and not the actual channel.

Lets hope the wise Bishops have no plans up their sleeves for the Cathedral Spire…. as it is the mother of landmarks for seafarers….. hopefully Bord Planeala have put them in their box…for a while anyway…

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