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Actually, I did not miss the reference to the watertower’s being “vital” to navigation. I decided to let it sit when it struck me that it cannot be too visible, and hence too “vital”, when the thick fog comes down over the harbour and the mournful lowing of the boon starts up – and this happens more than once during the winter in Cobh. And then, you have the days of slashing rain and you are unlikely to see much of the watertower on those days either as it is usually difficult enough to make out your own hand. So, in fine summer weather, or clear winter weather, the watertower will be visible and could act as a welcome navigation aid. But, the last time I was out in the harbour, i seem to remember that the channells were fairly well marked off by a series of buoys which must surely relativise the watertower’s strategic navagational significance. On the other hand, if safe steerage in and out of the Virgilian statio bene fida et carinis is dependent on an ugly lump of concrete, should anyone run the gauntlet of Cork harbour which cannot be very bene fida or carinis?

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