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Where else would one put a water tower? Its next to the old one. Its there since the mid 80s. This is the first complaint I have heard. The angle of that photo would be unusual for the average tourist as the naval base does not form part of the usual tourist route. Who took the photo? Would sir prefer if the population took their water in buckets from the river instead?

There is no shortage of high ground in Cobh. The tower could quite easily have been located on a less prominent part of the ridge and kept out of sight. That the old water tower was on the same site only underlines the degree of laziness and mental torpitude current in Cobh Town Council. Nobody is asking anyone to draw water in buckets. All we are saying is that ungly facilities such as the Cobh flying-saucer water tower should be kept out of site and certainly nowhere near a buuilding of the significance of St. Colman’s Cathedral. If Haulbowline is to be developed as a tourist facility, what are the tourists going to say about ET’s parking lot across the harbour?

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