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Well now, that is very interesting. Madame Manageress, the town architect (to date) Denis Deasey and the efficient Town Clerk, P. Lynch do not live in Cobh and hence only have to deal with consequences of their enlightened decisions on a Monday to Friday, 9-5 (if even that) basis. In what leafey galdes, might we enquire, do these devoted servants of civil society live?

😮 deja vu…we have the same problem in the city in that the city of culture directors 2005 live in;
Joe Gavin, Dunraven, Blackrock, Cork.
Deirdre Clune, Blackrock Road, Cork.
Joe Kennelly, Bridgestown, Inniscarra, Co.Cork.
Theo Dorgan, Baldoyle, Dublin.
Liz Meaney, Ros Barra, Friars Walk, Cork

None of these geniuses live within a scud missile strike of Victoria Mills.
How has D. Clune the neck to canvass the area? (oh yea, she is part of the brass neck Barry clan):rolleyes:

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