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A ha!

As I suspected, another example of the Cobh Urban District Council’s idleness and laziness. Are we to suppose that the town architect checked the heights of these awful things before they were built? Can it be that no more than a couple of minutes of Denis Deasey’s waking hours were available to go through the plans for this monstrosity. Can anyone explain why Cobh Urban District Council is bloody determined to sink the town by systematically eliminating everything characteristic about it commencing with the wrecking of the Cathedral, continuing with the building of ugly water towers where they will be noticed, never objecting to the permanent docking of the Mississippi Show Boat nor the dumping of a disused television set in a historical terrace and I also notice in the new photographs a large mast built further up the hill from the Cathedral. Does anyone in the Cobh Urban District Council -including the manageress – making these decisions actually live in Cobh any more?

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