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Jungle, Samuel J – Here are a couple of aerial photos I took back in August which gives you some idea of the urban sprawl in the Cobh area.

This shot gives an idea of the sprawl from Rushbrooke (with an ‘e’, correct?) The dockyard is also in the picture, as are the two large ESB pylons that caused much controversy a few years back when residents were seeking to have them put underwater rather than across the channel.

I have to correct you there. The pylons you indicate have been there since the early 80s and at the time were the Highest in the country.

The ones that the residents still object to were to cross the southern part of the estuary. The main issue was that the esb had bought the materials for the pylons before seeking permission to erect them and done everything in their power to railroad the planning process.

Also in relation to Fort Davis(Carlisle) it is still in use by the Defence forces for training. It is far from derelict. However Fort Camden was passed from the DoD to the OPW in 1989. Little was done by them since then apart from erecting a Gate. There is still an elderly family housed there(in DoD housing). I can only assume that as the DoD no longer provide housing to members of the Defence Forces, this fammily will have to remain there till the end of their days. In the meantime the fort is used by a wide range of couples for activities that under current legislation is permissible only by consenting adults…
That and breaking whatever glass still remains..

Kilworth Camp is also in full time use by the Defence forces, not just the recently disbanded FCA. The site earmarked for the proposed prison is between Corbett court and the Camp gates. The firing range is nowhere near this site. The proposed development of the M8 to the west of the current N8 will mean the Camp(and prison) will no longer be divided by the main cork Dublin road and will allow the occupants to make better use of the other side of the road(have you ever tried to get 100+pedestrians accross the main cork-dublin road in the shortest possible time??). Its use by the DF will expand as nimbyism grabs hold of the other primary DF training area in Wicklow, the Glen of Imaal.

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