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Praxiteles wrote:
Let me quote from the great text at page 10:

“G: The Old Town centre

The town centre nestles in a valley between Ballynoe Hill and Ticknock Hill. it (sic) comprises two well proportioned Nineteenth squares (sic) located on a gentle crescent overlooking the esplanade and harbour. Rising above the town centre much of the valley and land between Ballynoe Hill and Ticknock Hill within the Town Council area comprises 1950’s (sic) + suburban housing”.


Ah lads ye can’t be serious…….large, dominating, spire, of worship kind of thing……come to mind
visually impaired………I’ve seen low cloud and dense fog but it must have been horrendous when they viewed the place. Not a mention of the Cathedral. the single most important part of the Topography of Cobh, with all other roads, buildings extending from it point.
Even if you never visited the town every map, nautical chart has it clearly makred in Bold…..nautical charts evne give its high 91metres above sea level…….
Oh I wonder………….sometimes….

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