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And here is another interesting piece from the Local Development Plan for Cobh (p. 10):

“Area F: Suburbian Victoriana:

The lower portion of the Southern hillside from the Whitepoint area to the town centre are ornamented by nunteenth century villas generously spaced in leafy, Robinsonian, ornamental greenery attractively framing tatefully designed villas set in mature woodland. The topography, the south facing aspect, the vegitation, the sea views, the thoughtfully scaled disposition of the buildings all create the illusion of detached country houses that belie the density involved. This is a very vertical space with a number of cliff like areas to which the buildings cling to the side. The hanging gardens effect further reduces the apparent density.

These factors create the potential for a unique architectural and landscape conservation area”.

At the bnottom of all that verbiage is the simple assertion taht the area between Whitpoint and the town centre is an area of particular architectural and heritage interest taht should be regarded as a prime subject for conservation. That point may perhaps have been clearer to the denizens in the Cobh UDC had it not been wrapped up in a verbiage of “Robinsonian” greenery.

And how has Cobh UDC reacted toall of this?

Well, in the middle of all of the leafy Robinsonian greenery, and of the the thoughtfully scaled disposition of the buildings, Cobh UDC allowed the building of the following illusion of a south-facing country house with strong vertical lines and clinging to the edgeof the cliff, thereby enhancing this “unique architectural and landscape conservation area”!

You certainly have to hand it to Cobh Urban District Council: They knows a good piece of Victoriana when they sees it!!

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