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@descamps wrote:

Who are/is the “we”? You are expressing a personal opinion and nothing else. Others including myself find this contributor most interesting and informed. It’s people like this “we” need to keep the likes of Cobh UDC on its toes.

O.K. I withdraw the ‘we’.
I have stated before that I do not live in Cobh nor do I know anybody on the Cobh Urban District Council. I do visit Cobh 2 or 3 times a week.
However, I think it is beyond the bounds of humour to make disparaging comments about individuals here. Personally I dont care a jot how many days holidays or when the gentleman referred to has taken.
I do think it would be stupid to build a water tower anywhered other than on high ground. The Garda Station was opened in April 2002 – 4 and a half years ago.!!. I agree the Social Welfare Office is horrid but I assume this was a Board Of Works construction that does not require planning permission.

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