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@Paul Clerkin wrote:

this is a joke right?

Who is advising Jim Mansfield, this is going to go to an oral hearing, I don’t know where to start, the 20,000 cars going onto a country lane, a 13 storey office block with plant hanging off it designed by a non-architect, the design quality of the conference centre with a metal deck roof. There is no Luas line announced for Citywest let alone Saggart.

I think John O’Donaghue needs to publish the report into the location of the conference centre he commissioned last year, as much as Dublin needs a conference centre this most certainly is not it. There was at least some merit in the Treasury proposal in Spencer Dock in 2000 inso much as the conference centre element was stunning and they have gone on to do some excellent work since, but this, there isn’t one element you can point to and say that it has any redeeming features.

Even the model is made from lego, I’m amazed he didn’t get a lego monorail trainset just for effect

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