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@PVC King wrote:

A pity and a missed opportunity to put in it formidable flagship marine project

The reasons for your disappointment may be valid, but they do not correctly describe the site, nor do they include why most locals do not want it.
– the level of the Pier is about one storey below the seafront road, not the 2-3 you describe.
– the proposed building is totally at variance with the local built environment
– it would overshadow, dominate and block views of several protected structures
– a substantial part of the development is to be private accomodation.
I’ve no problem with property speculation, but do have one where it is based on a public amenity and to the detriment of the general public.. I would love to see the Pier developed at its existing height into a public area incorporating a maritime museum and as part of a greater marina development on the East side of the harbour.

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