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@hutton wrote:

Regarding StephenC’s points on the standard of architecture, what is proposed is very dramatic, but I am already already criticisms as to the quality of certain elements.

@jdivision wrote:

The images and drawings I’ve seen – which aren’t reproducable – show a plaza on O’Connell Street itself and then a short street leading into what I assume is currently the Royal Dublin Hotel, another street back to Moore Street and a larger, wider street down to Henry St with a minor square there. The building images I’ve seen are about six storeys, very boring. But they were prepared at least two years ago so I’m sure it’s been improved.

So hutton it sounds like you’ve seen more detailed / recent plans than jd … do you declare yourself impressed overall ?

Of course i’ll be holding you completely responsible if you suggest i’ve something to look forward to here & it turns out that I don’t 😀 …
that ‘very dramatic’ bit has me intrigued !

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