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@DublinLimerick wrote:

I personally like Belgian beers and also some of the superb micro-brewery beers produced in Ireland.

Ive really taken to Belgian beers since they started giving away free Pints of Stella lately, and the porterhouse has always been great even if it is at the mass-market end of the micro-brewery concept. The thing about the porterhouse chain is that they are still designed like pubs.

I reckon that the prescriptive limit of 130 sq m is going prove a real challenge for designers, given that the building design guidelines will probably be framed in a way that discourages standing areas and features restaurant/cafe style layouts. Now if all pints were the same price as Stella lately I’d say fair enough but at the guts of 5 euro a pint and 12-15 for food you do expect a little more design quality and comfort. I hope that this concept can deliver.

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