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πŸ˜‰ Hi,
I’ve always found this an interesting site but have never posted a comment until now. On first glance johnfp’s comments do appear somewhat insular, even gombeenish as a_devlin puts it. However, I do feel ther is merit in a political argument here insofar as there is little doubt that the majority in Northern Ireland would percieve such an infrastructural project as in some way copper fastening the union between Great Britain and there. In effect it would undermine Irelands status as an island state, would it not? I cant imagine the nationalists would ever agree to it in the current climate so maybe that’s what johnfp was on about, though if it is he should have left out reference to bigotry etc.
As an aside can I say Dublin is changing beyond all recognition compared to when I last visited there in the early 90’s, particularly like whats going on down docklands way.

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