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I don’t know about security – I believe once that Fingal County Council took out the windows they also took away any security they had. I have been told that you would need an army to protect Belcamp. May be we need an army of preservation activists, but who is willing ? Obviously no person or entity in authority is doing anything. So now chaos, ruin and vandalism is added to our economic woes.

I am involved with the Hume Street Campaign and keeping an eye on things there. The security is light so we worry though being centrally located helps. Waiting on the owner and NAMA to fix the roof by April 29th but don’t have much faith in the long drawn out legal process. We will step up the campaign after that.

We are in touch with people from the Moore Lane campaign and those concerned with Arldborough House.

I believe nationwide concerted joined up action is needed: Architects, artists, historians, preservationists, citizens – march from NAMA to the Dail…

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