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@gunter wrote:

taizy8, I see we’re getting off on the wrong foot, and lets keep it that way.

@taizy8 wrote:

I believe nationwide concerted joined up action is needed: Architects, artists, historians, preservationists, citizens – march from NAMA to the Dail…

I certainly don’t think we need two little bands of grumpy ex-hippies traipsing around the streets looking forlornly for some official conscience to prick, can your little band not just take on-board the endangered houses on Thomas Street and James Street and that would leave me free to lend moral support, which as you know is like real support only you don’t have to do anything.

By your 1600 + posts I can see you keep pretty busy on the interwebs.

What ever you may think of my response that we march on the Dail ( which was a first reaction to the Belcamp fire and vandalism) your extremely rude and patronising attitude certainly wouldn’t make me want to cow tow for your special “moral support”. If marching on the Dail was the right thing to do we would have done it long ago – so would protesting out front – but we prefered contacting and talking with politicians and ministers, which we have been doing. And why don’t you do that too ? instead of been rude to people on discussion forms.

I only got involved in Hume street because I witnessed it first hand. I know there are, many many more instances of neglect. I am not wasting any more time answering to you because you have already decided what you think and lets keep it that way..

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