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Yes, the developments in Foster Place of late are so outrageous they beggar belief. One could not manifestly convey the gombeen mindset that permeates such large swathes of Irish small business thinking any better if one tried – and by association, Irish planning, or rather the apparent complete lack thereof.

An integral element of the composition and setting of the nation’s pre-eminent classical building, and one of the city’s finest historic enclaves, is comandeered by paddywhackery of the worst order, and not so much as a whimper from the planning authority! Indeed it even receives national attention over a preposterous media stunt involving the Minister for Tourism who (only too rightly) failed to attend its opening on multiple occasions, and still nothing! Every last scrap of the above muck, along with associated trashy blue lights which have been erected by the same private enterprise on all of the publically owned trees of Foster Place, demands immediate removal.

Could somebody please give us some hope that there are people in charge in this city. The recent addition of even more licenced taxi spaces on the street by the public authority merely adds insult to injury, while the insertion of a parking meter into the west portico of the bank is truly the icing on the cake.

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