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Saw this last week and thought I would take a photo or two for this site. It’s a building at the top of William Street in Limerick, on the corner with Wickham Street. The tenant (“Baker’s Basket”) recently closed and the shop front rather than being left to rot was replaced with a basic new wooden one. I spotted from a passing bus a spot not covered by the new shopfront (but was by the old one) that had a date of 1789. Here is a close-up (admittedly cameraphone):

It reads:
Street June, 2?
AD 1789

I don’t think much is missing on the broken right edge except maybe a second digit on the date. Here’s the front view of the building, sorry it’s not great – it’s a bit obtrusive taking photos on a busy street, so it was on-the-fly!

The building looks especially ugly in grey pebble-dash with the cheap windows. I should have grabbed a photo of the side of the building, which is on Wickham Street. There are windows on this side too (shopfront on ground, more windows on 1st/2nd floors) and the roof profile is clearly visible on the gable. At the front it seems a bit odd that the windows are spaced over to the right (extra space on left hand side, even a bit more than shown here as you can see from the chopped streetname plate).

Anyway, probably not particularly interesting, but just a detail I thought I should record here!

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