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@Pot Noodle wrote:

I find nothing of interest in these buildings they look like they were slapped up

Flush windows Pot!

. . . . doesn’t get much more exciting than this 🙂

There’s another example at the corner of William Street and Little Catherine Street, but here the original glazing bars haven’t survived.

The presence of several examples of pre-standard Georgian features on houses dotted around the northern end of New Town Perry raises the question of just how much of Georgian Limerick, in reality, was ‘planned new town’ and how much could be characterised as organic growth.

The 1769 map gives a vision of the New Town Perry enterprise as a tight grid of streets with a couple of circuses thrown in for relief, but it leaves vague the development of the lands on the east side of Rutland St./Patrick St, the are around Ellen Street and Denmark St.

It’s a bit difficult to be sure, but it looks like the northernmost cross street of New Town Perry, as illustrated, would equate to William Street, is that the general view?

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