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What the article (Frank Kilfeather, Irish Times, Friday Feb 26 1999 ) said was
Quote -The dig uncovered a “strange house” predating the Vikings’ arrival, which is believed to be Anglo-Saxon. The director of the dig, Ms Linzi Simpson, told The Irish Times the find was “very exciting”. While working on a Viking dig they knew immediately the house was not Scandinavian, and a comb found in it could only have come from Roman-Britain. The house was also found at the very lowest level, under Viking buildings. These three factors convinced them of habitation in the area before the Vikings arrived. Unquote

Why should there not be trade between Dublin and Anglo-Saxon “England” ? – no big deal to find a comb.
As for a shortage of A.S. blood, the Normans married/integrated with the Saxons, and the (mainly Welsh) Normans , great grandchildren of the 1066 lot, came here in the 1100’s. More Anglo-Saxon blood arrived with the Elizabethans and even more again with the Cromwellians. Like my venerable ancestor, who arrived 1651. So there is plenty of Anglo-Saxon blood here. I could be unkind and say that any weekend in Temple Bar shows the worst of the Anglo Saxons, often spilling worse than blood ……

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