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[rant] Well as someone who sat in TCD almost 20 years ago to hear the Dublin Transportation initiative final report talk about integrated ticketing and such like it’s depressing to see that here we are discussing the same things again.

More bloody talk – how about somebody making a decision and actually doing something? Why do we need this round of consultation when the results of previous consultation is ignored? Why do we need to be asked would we like things to be better – how about using a bit of common sense for a change rather than acting like a 3 year old looking for our approval on every step? This is why people in this country are hacked off with quangos and consultants as all we see are reports and no action – this is the sort of wastage in the public sector that private sector people want to see trimmed – not less frontline stuff, just get rid of the meaningless fripperiers. The dogs in the street know what wrong with public transport, roads and planning – its been the same shite as it was in 1991, just on a bigger scale.

I mean when it comes to the integrated ticketing – it works fine in hundreds of cities worldwide. Look at London, look at the oyster card and think that will do for Dublin – job done in 5 minutes, saving €20million and 15 years of consultancy reports. As Nike say ‘Just do it’! [/rant]

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