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Arrgh, just knew I’d forget it when the time came came but anyway: the Spike was exactly two years old as of last Friday the 21st of January – the day when the final segment was hoisted into place in 2002.
Seems like it was yesterday!
I was reading back on many of the pages in this thread and oh the innocence of it all 🙂
Pleased to say that the report from RTE News on the Big Day is still available here and is well worth a look (as is the old pinky set & graphics that look so 1999 :))

So what do people think of it now two years on? Do you even look at it anymore?
Can you contrast your first sight of it complete with your perspective on it now?
Irritatingly I can’t remember the first time seeing it complete, but can recall walking away from it afterwards, looking back from D’Olier St & then from Westmoreland and being amazed at its magnificent impact. I didn’t want to walk away south to get the bus!

The fact that it’s still a work in progress because of outstanding issues like lighting and cleaning probably still keeps it alive for most of us here – to the extent it’ll almost be a pity to see it actually finished!

Overall I think Shane O’Toole summed up the Spike nicely recently – you simply cannot imagine the street without it.

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