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Dublin has a population of 1.2 million, gets 800million for Luas and more than likely another billion for the Metro, Cork City and environs population 350,000, gets a lousy 100million for suburban routes!!!! do the maths, it smacks of Dublinisation!!!!

It is not that Dublin didn’t need LUAS, the Country didn’t need the cost to spiral out of control to 800m. The Interconnector project or underground metro section will link all existing lines which now have three different terminuses. Dublin is one of the few 15-20m passenger airports in Europe without any rail connection, although a cheaper overground link now seems like the favoured option.

Can you imagine getting from a train from Dublin to Cork and having to travel two kilometres on a bus to take a train to Cobh?

The Rationale behind a lot of the rail investment plans are dealt with at

Their last success was to have the Little Island to Midleton rail line reopened, their latest major campaign is to get a direct service from Clonmel to Dublin.

Most supporters of the Dublin Metro would totaly support these projects.

Unlike IRDA who simply want to go on subsidising one off houses; a strategy which ensures that there is no money to do anything with the rail network.

Decentralisation is a strategy pandering to the Bungalow lobby a sort of ‘if mohamad won’t go to the mountain then the mountain must come to mohamad’

What is the rationale behind decentralising jobs from Dublin to Trim?

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