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The now-to-go ahead extension of the boole you mentioned is to be developed to the east of the current building, not in front of it , if that’s what you feared. There really isnt a whole lot of room where it is to be built, i saw the drawing on the examiner, from outside the o rahilly building towards the library. From what i could make out it seems as if it’s to be built over the avenue towards the gates on college road, which would be a real pity if im right, as in my opinion this is the nicest entrance to the college, affording great views of the quad on the way in.the design looks pretty good, fits in well with the surroundings, the same firm has designed libraries for harvard and yale among others in the us, so we can rest assured it’ll be a quality job.should be complete around early 2007 sometime i believe. i agree with whoever complained about the “blue-grey” building next to it, thats the o rahilly building, doesnt fit in well at all, shouldnt be so bad when all those new trees mature though. That’s what the whole area from the boole to the student centre is lacking, some tree-cover, very open as it is, can be bleak on a wet day.all we can do is wait, but the signs are good for ucc!

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