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Yeah, it’s pretty good I admit Devin. Somehow I’m still not getting my main point across though.

Yee haw, such a lot of questions and good points made, it’s not our scheme though that had a roasting from An bord pleanala or An Taisce it was a neighbouring developer.

His site joined onto ours and formed half the new route from one side of Sligo to the other, opening up of the historic lanes and the fast track local area plans, Diaspora .

Ours was the beginning of new route but because the neighbouring developement has been knocked back, we have had to withdraw for a second time.

The point is that the neighbouring developer was in discussion with An Taisce, had brought in conservation specialists to handle the difficult negotiations with the conservation lobby, had made concessions and kept buildings originally earmarked for removal, got full planning permission and was still kicked up the arse by An bord Pleanala, and is back to the start……….. without his 200 pounds.

We have also had to go back to the start. Diaspora, how the fuck did it ever get this far?

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