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Devin ….read the postings please.

It is not our scheme that was refused by An Bord Pleanala but an adjoining developer , after getting planning permission and two years of discussion with An taisce.

This has nothing to do with our scheme design but has forced the withdrawal of our proposals because we were relying of the adoining developer making a connection wirh our site and creating a new pedestrian link through the town,

While I have empathy with An Bord Pleanala’s comments regarding the neighbouring developers proposals, such a heritage, conservation focused attitude does not take into account the need to make the environment compatible with today’s modern living, particularly the need to service the site and car parking.

I have just come back from Venice, in some places as you may know there is just 3 metres between 6 storey houses and they look into each other, peoples laundry is stretched over and bloomers , size 48 y front’s and tea towels are on show. Absolutely charming you may think but totally unworkable today.

Consulation and the reconciliation of the requirements of roads, planners, service engineers, water boards blah blah blah with the conservationists who want to recreate the historic footprint is needed ……that’s all I’m saying

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