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Ian, you have a point about the amount of criticisim here in that bad projects, bad design and bad planning inevitably get people more animated, esp people who have an interest in such matters, regardless of how many decent projects are excecuted – and even then contributors are more than willing to praise good work when they see it, and often in the face of being shot down by others.
Suppose one problem is that regardless how flippant someone is in a critcal remark, it tends to carry the same weight when in text on a forum.
The top ten you mention, some rather dubious including Luas, conceal a dearth of investment in so many other areas – one can easily list another top ten, if not fifty more alternative projects.

On the whole, remarks and opinions are balanced and sensible with some tongue-in-cheek stuff too naturally. I don’t think people think things are better abroad full-stop, rather we can learn from other countries, and try not to make their mistakes, something we so often seem oblivious to.

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