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check out the galway county council’s website. they have the proposed route for the two roads. the gal-dub will feed into the outer by-pass but goes in further to the existing one. it joins the existing one beside the new galway clinic that’s is just built. between that and the roundabout to the racecourse. so it doesn’t need the outer by pass but would be a help. they have started the cpo’s so it should only be a year or so before it starts.the loughrea one is supposed to be starting this september. this however i have come to the conclusion is a throwback from other days. it was first proposed more than 20 years ago and the town rejected it. since then of course traffic has gotten worse and those small minded gobshites have since changed their minds and have been shouting about one for ages. when a lot of people shout politicians tend to listen so action was started and they are now getting one which will completely crap on their town once the dual carrigeway is built. fate is cruel…ha,ha… i think the tuam one will be waiting until the outer by-pass is built. there is of course a lot of upset people regarding the proposed route of the o.bypass. as there will always be. i guess the road system is like cie…we are getting there.

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