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Originally posted by Frank Taylor

Thanks for the suggestions. Hazelhatch is right on the border of Kildare and South County Dublin, according to my map so I ‘ll have to get on to both councils.

Are there 4 tracks from Rush and Lusk to Connolly, or is the line shared with intercity trains?


Sorry Frank I missed your post.

Both of the above lines are listed for upgrade to 4 tracks under the Iarnrod Eireann/ Oireachtas all party transport committee proposal that was first mooted by platform11.

The question is will the new minister for transport build a metro line for the tourists to get from the airport to Temple Bar & Rtn or will they link up the existing lines as suggested by IE.

The locations I suggested were off the top of my head but it is that type of area 12-15 miles out of the City Centre that would best suit your plan I think. Somewhere beyond the edge of the city where a buffer zone could be inserted to discourage piggy backed development and the eventual swallowing up of your suggested development into the city.

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