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If Platform11 are Fine Gael’s rail policy advocates then I may vote Fine Gael at the next election, though it goes against the grain, to get this implemented.

I am from CLonmel, though I haven’t lived there for a long time, and have just returned from the US. I fully support their ideas on the direct Clonmel Dublin line. I could care less about the Waterford Clonmel line, nor Waterford Limerick.

Buses are just as fast on those short lines.

As a Dublin resident, I fully support their ideas on the Dublin lines. The airport metro sucks. It seems to me to be the modern day equivalent of the only dual carriageway we used to have outside the Naas road – Limerick to Shannon. Keep the tourists happy, thinking we have good infrastructure – while the taxpayer resident rots. It is easy enough to get to the Airport using the Dart and the AerDart, even as it is.

As someone fond of the West – who thinks that the west gets a bad deal in infrastructure – I nevertheless do not support the western rail corridor – build a failed line which needs to be subsidised and you will never get another line opened again.

It’s hard to know where you are coming from Ewan, platform11’s ideas just make sense.

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