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Originally posted by ewanduffy
Since when have the Pale Rail advocates become the be all and end all of rail transport? Platform 11 are the rail policy unit of Fine Gael and it can be seen in their half baked asshole policies.

It is not to the best of my knowledge a political grouping of any description, but on transport matters are you really saying that Breannan has delivered?

No second terminal at the airport,
His inability to reform Aer Rianta or even cost it
An unconnected Luas system
And now a third unconnected system in his metro proposal, ie the existing rail system, the luas Light Rail and now a heavy rail system that connects only with the Light rail luas.

Maybe you should visit the site again, it is IE’s and the Oireachtas All party transport committee (Chaired by Eoin Ryan of Fianna Fail) whose plan they support.

This government pays the DTO 3.7m IEP per two months to sit on their arses writing reports that will never have the majority of the findings delivered, whilst the lions share of the funding goes to NRA projects such as Co Meaths 4th Motorway.

As for palerail, two major p11 campaigns have involved successfully getting a commitment to re-open the Midleton branch line in Cork and a push to have a direct Clonmel to Dublin Service opened. Just becasue they don’t support the northern end of the Western Rail corridor doesn’t make them pale-railers

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