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Originally posted by Frank Taylor
Why is the support of the developer needed? Is the devloper not obliged to build according to the local area plan (or not at all)?

Strictly speaking yes, but even local action area plans are less specific than you would think, one developer sat on 1500 acres for two years because he didn’t like Part v of 2000 planning act regarding social and affordable housing. The major worry from a developers point of view is the two year withering planning permission, 12,000 people is a lot of investment in an untried project in Ireland.

Originally posted by Frank Taylor
The DTO srategy was to upgrade the Luas to Cherrywood line to Metro by 2010. Is this extremely unlikely?

The DTO’s Platform for change document is dead, check out for the latest on rail transport.

Originally posted by Frank Taylor
Point taken. Which sites are you thinking of?

Re: Other Sites, the project that you are considering scores so highly in sustainability terms no local authority would have problems with it if you can find a suitable site and a willing developer. I would consider a areas around Hazelhatch station to the West, or Rush/Lusk to North a good target as both are set for major rail upgrades and are not a great distance from retail and other services.

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