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Frank Taylor

Originally posted by Diaspora

Two things will make or break your proposal.

Firstly the support of Dunloe Ewart i.e. Liam Carroll of Zoe developments fame, as he owns the bulk of the land concerned.

Why is the support of the developer needed? Is the devloper not obliged to build according to the local area plan (or not at all)?

Secondly the building of a rail link from Shanngannagh on the existing Dart line back to Sandyford i.e A dart running in the direction of Bray turning back towards Sandyford facilitated by a newly engineered spur line on the old Harcourt St to Bray link, LUAS is at capacity as it is and there is little or no hope of significant capacity increases as it is a light railway.

The DTO srategy was to upgrade the Luas to Cherrywood line to Metro by 2010. Is this extremely unlikely?

It is an interesting concept I’m just not sure that Cherrywood represents the best place to start it. There are many sites on the Western and Northern fringes that have direct access to a rail line

Point taken. Which sites are you thinking of?

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