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(in reply to Sean) No need to get personal about it – a huge proportion of Dublin’s population originate from outside Dublin (and have also had a big impact on the policies which shaped Dublin over the past few decades).

In reply to your points:
1. The national spatial strategy is supposed to take care of distributing growth sustainably throughout the country and the current (either idiotic or blatantly clientilist) decentralisation plan flies in the face of this. Nobody is objecting to the national spatial strategy.

2. The decentralisaton plan is not in fact decentralisation at all but merely relocation of elements of a centralised system (see article in Irish Times yesterday re submission on decentralisation by head of University of Limerick to Dept of Finance committee).

3. The decentralisation plan goes against current best practice in terms of both urban development and ‘joined-up thinking’ in public administration.

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