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Denny Boy

I was based in the Museum Building (1853-57. Architect:John Ruskin) for four years during the early ’80s and spent many an afternoon perched on on the sills of the Cartography Lab overlooking the cricket pitch. They view over to Nassau Street with the trees, the Alliance Française and even the Setanta Centre was (and still is) something quite special and unique in Dublin. I’d hate to see it go.

Nassau Street itself is a little busy these days with cars, coaches and buses but, at least its nice to see something being
done about the pavement on the Trinity side. The wall/railings running the length of the street are unfortunate and should be
resigned to history. Sadly, the best views over the cricked pitch are from the top of a bus or from the cafe in the Kilkenny Design Centre.

I believe any development in the area should consist mainly of ‘building down’, leaving the trees and extending the current level of Nassau Street as open space into Trinity. The traditional separation of the college from the outside world could be maintained with less fortress-like railings.

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