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Quote “A stretch of the M6 in the lake district in Britain won National Trust awards for enhancing the landscape. A well built road meandering through a beautiful valley can be stunning in itself, but it also opens the beauty of the area up to hundreds of thousands of people who would otherwise never have seen it.”

I know that section of the M6 between Penrith and Gretna Green. The reason it won awards was because it was split into two seperate carriageways therebye dispersing the effects of traffic. There was no less detrimental alternative route through the lake district for the motorway. Which in fairness is the principal connection between the major centres of London and Glasgow with links to Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. There was also extensive consultation with heritage groups and the National Trust on selecting this route.

The NRA in contrast are steamrolling this directly through an area with 2500 year old archaeology with no meaningful consultation with heritage groups. This site is possibly Irelands principal early settlement, there are 30 heritage sites on its route.

Where does this motorway go Cork? Belfast? Galway? Waterford?

Kells and the department of the marine in Virginia Co Cavan :confused:

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