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Just a question on the SOM proposal. Will the sloped public area on the roof not be extremely dangerous?

I can just see people careering all over this in wet or icy weather. And what about access for the disabled? This would be almost totally inaccessable for a wheelchair bound person. (I know I wouldn’t like to be perched at the high end with bad brakes.)
This was actually my favourite design. I liked the ideas but I don’t know how they will work in reality.

The STW was like a shoebox and the internal layout of the apartments and hotel bedrooms looked as if it was an effort to squeeze in as many as possible. They are all box shaped and exactly the same.

Overall I was disappointed that car parking was allowed in the scheme.
For a second when I saw the SOM proposal I thought it was a glorified multi-storey carpark.
I think with the DART so close by they should promote that for access to the centre

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