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Originally posted by shadow
By the way the HengPeng illustration is particularly crude with poor attempt to resolve the photoshop photo pasteup at the base.

It is nice to see a baddie shoved in now and again, it is more human. . .

Not everything should come up to spanking new and best Bolton Street/Queens/UCD best CADCO standards.


Be a very strange world if it did.

The best visualisation isn’t the best visualisation – it is the ‘good enough’ visualisation – the same one that took 4 hours instead of 4 weeks, cost nothing and still got some of the point across.

What has happened to people nowadays, because freehand rendering has gone.

Everything has to be paid professional nowadays…. the most of that being done by Phillipinos in sweat shops now, under cutting prices over here. THey are brilliant at that in Asia – it is all the hours they spend glued to playstations.

Nasty, old world the CG visualisation thing is getting.

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