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1) The openings as an event, light as an element of architecture – even in a small building designed by an architect – you rarely see a good architect who makes a name designing houses and other small buildings, reaching for a standard collection of windows to plaster on an elevation, and position/use them in a conventional manner.

This needs to be studied by all young architects – elevations, don’t just have funny fenestration and shapes of openings for the fun of it – when you walk into those buildings, which are well designed, you see when you are inside the building, very quickly why openings are where they are, why they are that size or shape and how light is manipulated by them in the interior space.

Just an imagine to back up that notion.;f=4;t=000101;go=newer

Not an very daring design I know, but still. It is still all to do with the notion of wearing our environment as an extension of ourselves – it is just the scale changes, from 1:50 scale where natural light is important and size, shape, position of openings. To 1:500 where things like movement and time are very important.

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